Investment accounts

Authorised and regulated by the UK’s FCA to provide investment accounts, we are bound by CASS rules to segregate and protect client assets.

March 2021 investment update

Our March investment update is now available to download.

The cyber security skills gap

The cyber security skills shortage has been making headlines for years, but the Covid-19 pandemic has made it more critical than ever.

Dolfin Financial (UK) Limited - in special administration
(“Dolfin” or “the Company”)

Adam Stephens and Kevin Ley of Smith & Williamson LLP have been appointed as joint special administrators (“Special Administrators” / “JSAs”) of Dolfin.
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Restrictions on our activities

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has identified a number of concerns around the way that Dolfin operates its business. On the 12th of March 2021, the FCA placed restrictions on Dolfin’s activities – please see the FCA’s statement on the below link:

We are actively working with the FCA to address its concerns and in order to lift the restrictions and so to minimise the impact on all Dolfin clients. At the moment we are unable to confirm when these restrictions will be lifted.

In the meantime, you can be assured that all client assets and monies are safely kept on a segregated account in accordance with the FCA rules.

As always, we remain committed to our clients and will keep you informed as the situation evolves.

We would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding.

For further information or if you have any queries please contact us.


/ 16 March 2021

This website is issued in the United Kingdom by Dolfin Financial (UK) Ltd which is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 552894). Dolfin is a company incorporated...

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Revision to our service

As agreed with the FCA, as of 19 December 2019, our Tier 1 UK Investor Visa service will be offered to new clients only on the basis of a discretionary investment management service.

We will cease to be involved in structuring, promoting, issuing or distributing bonds and loan notes issued by companies in which Dolfin or its directors have an interest (“restricted bonds”) and restricted bonds will no longer be included in the Tier 1 UK Investor Visa service for new clients.

New monies and custody assets may be placed into existing non-discretionary portfolios of Tier 1 UK Investor clients in relation to holdings of restricted bonds, but only in respect of the proceeds of dividends and coupons, rights issues and other corporate actions and for the payment of custody and platform fees.

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