Dolfin's custody accounts safeguard securities and cash, while ensuring you or your clients can take full advantage of multi-asset, multi-currency, and multi-strategy investing. We on-board clients quickly and price our services fairly, flexibly and transparently.

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Our diverse network of sub-custodians allows you to invest in - and custody - a wide range of asset classes and products, including: fixed income, ETFs, developed and emerging market equities, FX, mutual funds, hedge funds, options, equities, futures, private placement holdings, and CFDs.


Making the most of every opportunity often means investing on a global stage. Our custody accounts enable you to hold assets and transact in all major developed and emerging market currencies.


We offer custody in more than 120 markets, including all major developed and emerging market jurisdictions. Our custody clients enjoy efficient multi-asset and multi-currency execution performed by our independent trading desk.

Our sub-custodians

Unlike many dedicated investment firms, we are licensed by the FCA to offer UK-based custody and MFSA to offer Malta-based custody ourselves. To do so, we work with a network of carefully selected sub-custodians that safeguard your assets in multi-asset and multi-currency investment accounts operating in more than 120 jurisdictions.

The right partners make a strong network.

We have carefully selected a group of sub-custodians and cash-handling agents that we work with closely.

All of our sub-custodians are evaluated according to their capabilities, reporting systems, efficiency and the flexibility of their technical support and operations, and their credit rating.

Your assets safeguarded. 

Your securities and cash are held on your behalf and ring-fenced from Dolfin’s own accounts so you are entirely protected from Dolfin credit risk. In the very unlikely event of Dolfin being declared insolvent, our sub-custodians cannot withhold any money from our client accounts. Unlike a bank, we do not hold client assets on our balance sheet.

  • Sub-custodians
  • Cash handling agents

BNY Mellon


Lloyds Bank

Barclays Bank

Assets allocated to fully segregated accounts.

Get in touch.

Dedicated on-boarding team opens your account.

Funds are transferred seamlessly.

Assets are allocated to fully segregated accounts.

Why Dolfin

Efficient on-boarding.

Whether it's for you or one of your clients, Dolfin's dedicated account management and compliance teams ensure that our on-boarding process, while diligent, is one of the most timely and efficient in the industry.

Safe and secure.

We partner with a global network of well-regarded sub-custodians. To safeguard your securities and cash, they are held on your behalf, ring-fenced from our own accounts. At no point does Dolfin become the owner of your assets; we act only as a nominee.

Insightful reporting.

Our online, customised reporting gives you account information at any time and you can set-up automated reports in a format that's right for you. If you're a financial intermediary, you can white label our reports for your own clients. Our reporting complies with MiFID II guidelines.

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