Our independent depositary services operate from Malta, an EU financial centre. We provide a full range of depositary solutions, including safekeeping, oversight, and cash flow monitoring for collective investment schemes domiciled in Malta. We offer our services both to EU and non-EU asset managers, working with various administrators and integrating the depositary function with the rest of your fund activities.

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Multiple fund types supported.

We provide custody, record keeping, monitoring, and reporting for a whole variety of UCITS and alternative investment funds: including real estate, private equity, commodity, infrastructure, venture capital, and hedge funds.

Integrated solution.

We offer direct access to our trading desk, and can assist you with your fund set-up, administration, and legal services through our network of trusted partners.

Gateway to the EU marketplace.

Our Maltese set-up fulfills the depositary requirement for marketing of non-EU AIFs

How it works

Dolfin provides depositary services in Malta to the funds established in Malta and non-EU funds looking to market in the EU.


  • Custody of financial assets
  • Ownership verification and record keeping for non-financial assets
  • Due diligence and monitoring of all delegates

Cash flow monitoring

  • Valuation of shares/units
  • Income distribution
  • Monitoring of discrepancies and subsequent reconcilations
  • Immediate identification of significant cash flows

Oversight duties

  • Overview of all dealings in units/shares of the AIF or UCITS funds
  • Ensuring all investments are in line with regulations and fund documentation
  • Timely settlement of transactions

Why Dolfin


Drawing on the expertise of our global team, Dolfin offers depositary and depositary lite solutionsfully compliant with the relevant European investment services regulations.

Safe and secure.

We provide an in-house MiFID II-compliant custody service and partner with a global network of well-regarded sub-custodians. At no point does Dolfin become the owner of your assets; we act only as a nominee.

Bespoke and efficient.

Leveraging our technology and expertise in a variety of asset classes, we provide tailored solutions and meet your needs in a timely and efficient manner.

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