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The battle for banking’s future

How will the entrance of agile, tech-enabled challenger banks into the market shape the future of financial services?

A geopolitical perspective on investment

Dolfin CIO Vassilis Papaioannou joined a panel of speakers at the Invesco Powershares Multi-Asset Symposium in London

Minimalism – beyond a millennial fad

Millennials are not the only generation driving a surge in minimalism. It could even create a shift in the way our economy functions.

Brexit, blockchain and banking

What would it take to make London the digital capital of the world? Dolfin CEO Denis Nagy joined the line-up of speakers at Binary District’s most recent London event to consider whether blockchain is the answer.

Are you ready for the GDPR?

It may already have been around for more than two years – and it may have an acronym that makes you think of former Eastern Bloc countries – but the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is something that will shape the future rather than the past.

A new centre for custody

As Malta continues to bolster its credentials as a European financial services centre, Dolfin’s new custody, brokerage and depositary offering on the island is open for business and onboarding its first clients.

Talking technology

Some 60 delegates attended a Dolfin briefing on 2 May to discuss the opportunities open to investors in technology, and the ways in which tech entrepreneurs can grow their businesses through investment.

A sporting chance

Although it’s primarily an investment of passion, sport can deliver real returns for savvy investors.

The tech arena

Watching other people play video games is now a thing: a big thing. Live events attract football-sized audiences, while pro gamers make millions. eSports has been described as “one of the investment opportunities of the coming decade”. Is it?

Investment that’s out of this world

Things are looking up for space tech. Tiny, inexpensive satellites are sending huge amounts of data back to earth, and an army of entrepreneurs are using it to create innovative new services. Welcome to Space 2.0…

Going to extremes

Extreme sports, expeditions and adventure activities are becoming increasingly popular among high-achieving professionals – and not necessarily for the reasons you’d expect.

Going for gold

Olympic athletes crave gold and silver – and investors should too, as a host of factors have lined up to make them look attractive.

Genesis of ideas

Dolfin recently attended the Genesis London Conference on blockchain, where privacy, scaleability and regulation were three key themes.

Patent problems

Many entrepreneurs see patents as an essential mechanism for protecting intellectual property. But are they up to the job?

Controversy heightens over dark pool trading cap

MiFID II regulations have set out to shine a light on dark pool trading. We look at the consequences – intended and unintended – the change will have

Alternate realities

As augmented reality technology gains traction, the debate on whether investors should back it over virtual reality is hotting up again

The silver economy: A bright investment idea

Neglected by marketers and investors, the over-50s market wields significant – and increasing – spending power

Background checks: Not just background noise

Transport for London’s recent decision to refuse to renew Uber’s licence to operate in the capital has highlighted the importance of background checks. Oliver Rodwell, Head of Compliance Development at Dolfin, considers the issue from the perspective of the financial services industry

Gifts that keep on giving

With only seven shopping days left until Christmas, we round up a selection of gifts that will not only be appreciated, but could potentially appreciate too

Postcard from France

Valentin Vincendon, Dolfin’s Head of Product Development, looks at the prospects for the technology sector in his home country and explores whether start-up fever can generate long-term heat

Fast money

Classic cars give their owners a huge amount of pride and pleasure. But can they prove a sound investment, too?

Live long and prosper

Increased life expectancy has brought with it immense challenges for science and society – and abundant opportunities for investors

Sowing the seeds for growth

Dolfin attended and co-sponsored the China Offshore Summit, held at Shanghai’s Grand Kempinski Hotel from 31 October to 2 November. Our presence at the event highlighted not only the huge and significantly underserved market for financial services that exists among wealthy Chinese, but also Dolfin’s position as a leading provider of investment advice to the country’s high-net-worth individuals.

Reality check

It’s been an exciting year for virtual reality, and there’s talk of the market exploding in the medium term. But what’s next for this technology, and does it make a wise investment?

A place in the sun

Malta is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for investment funds, as a recent Dolfin briefing revealed

The coming of age of Blockchain

The impact of blockchain technology on financial services could be as transformative as that of the world wide web. Are we ready for the revolution?

Technology levels the cyber crime battlefield

Cyber crime remains a significant risk for financial institutions, but smaller firms have effective weapons in the fight against hackers.

An ethical minefield

Would you invest in tobacco? How about alcohol, or gambling? And how green are “green” investments anyway? We take a look at the ins, outs and moral maybes of ethical investing

Are we ready for a cashless world?

The demise of cash has been predicted before – yet we are still using coins and banknotes. What will it take to make users sufficiently comfortable with digital payments to do away with cash?

Migration: Thinking beyond tax

Giles Cheney, Relationship Manager at Dolfin, attended the Global Mobility and Tax Strategies Europe conference in June. He came away with a renewed belief in the importance of assisting clients as they adjust to their move to the UK

The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street: 20 years of independence

It has been 20 years since the Bank of England gained independence from the UK government in deciding interest rates. Overall, this can be seen as a successful move, but the Bank has learned some important lessons

Highlights from the Monaco Global Family Office Investment Summit

The Monaco Global Family Office Investment Summit brought together elite investors from around the world to share insights into strategies for successful investing in today’s volatile markets

Takeaways from the London Family Office and Wealth Management Conference

Dolfin co-sponsored DC Finance’s London Family Office and Wealth Management Conference on 6 June.

Who’s behind the wheel?

As little as two decades ago, it was unimaginable that the paradigm of car ownership would ever shift; now, it seems certain. Developments in technology look set to make the concept of car ownership radically different, if not obsolete. We look at the implications for consumers, investors and the car manufacturing industry.

Pieces of the past

Ancient art has a unique and compelling appeal for collectors. But do antiquities represent a sound investment – and how can you be sure your treasure is the real thing?

Why clean shouldn’t be a dirty word for investors

Rapid technological advances mean that cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels make financial as well as environmental sense. What does the swing to green energy mean- for investors – and what should they be wary of holding?

Keeping your assets safe

Custody is the mechanism whereby clients’ wealth is protected. But how does it work and how should it affect your choice of asset manager?

Safe as houses?

As the UK Government begins to phase in changes to stamp duty and tax relief for residential landlords, we ask whether property remains a sound investment

Demystifying the quant

Quantitative analysis is seen by many as something of a dark art, but it plays an increasingly central role in investment and risk management

Are we ready for the dawn of rising rates?

Forecasters believe that the UK could soon hike interest rates, following the lead of the US Federal Reserve. In theory, this looks like good news for investors – but those without an effective strategy could get badly burned

Going digital: Estonia’s success story

When it comes to tech, there are few countries more advanced than Estonia. The small Baltic state is attracting investors from all over the world and, post-Brexit, it could become even more popular.

Hearing the music of the markets over the noise of politics

Recent events in global politics have caused widespread alarm. But how much long-term impact do even the most seismic political shifts have on investors?

Going with the flow: What does MiFID II mean for you?

MiFID II promises to bring transparency and efficiency to non-equity trading while moving OTC trading to regulated platforms. Here’s what that means to you.

Is traditional asset allocation defunct?

Tried and tested models of portfolio diversification are being reimagined – but do the new models offer better protection against volatility?

Independence Day: For us or the robots?

It’s been 20 years since Will Smith saw off hordes of attacking aliens in the sci-fi blockbuster. Today, should we be worried about a different kind of invasion?

Diversification: Clever, complex, and critical

An intelligent approach to diversifying portfolios can have a significant impact on returns for investors. Dolfin’s CEO Denis Nagy and Vassilis Papaioannou from its investment team explain why effective diversification is far more complex than simply spreading a portfolio thinly across asset classes or investment styles.

How investors differ around the world

We ask Dolfin analyst Geoffrey Boullanger about the varying approaches to finance and risk taken by people in different parts of the world

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