Treating advisers fairly?

In this guest post for Dolfin Diary, Nick Kelly, the founder and chief executive officer of IFA firm Alexander House, argues that almost everyone needs professional financial advice and that they should pay advisers a fair fee in order to be confident of receiving a quality service for years to come.

A geopolitical perspective on investment

Dolfin CIO Vassilis Papaioannou joined a panel of speakers at the Invesco Powershares Multi-Asset Symposium in London

Tech trends to watch

With new technologies developing rapidly, now could be the time to consider including more exposure in your portfolio, says Joshua Jarvis, Investment Adviser at Dolfin.

Investment that’s out of this world

Things are looking up for space tech. Tiny, inexpensive satellites are sending huge amounts of data back to earth, and an army of entrepreneurs are using it to create innovative new services. Welcome to Space 2.0…

Investing in European growth and revival

Adrian van den Bok, Dolfin’s Senior Portfolio Manager, looks at the case for investing in Europe’s underperforming economies.

Going for gold

Olympic athletes crave gold and silver – and investors should too, as a host of factors have lined up to make them look attractive.

Tales of the unexpected

Unlikely though they seem without the benefit of hindsight, black swan events can and do happen. Hedging against them can therefore be a wise option for investors, says Vassilis Papaioannou, Dolfin’s Chief Investment Officer.

The silver economy: A bright investment idea

Neglected by marketers and investors, the over-50s market wields significant – and increasing – spending power

Sowing the seeds for growth

Dolfin attended and co-sponsored the China Offshore Summit, held at Shanghai’s Grand Kempinski Hotel from 31 October to 2 November. Our presence at the event highlighted not only the huge and significantly underserved market for financial services that exists among wealthy Chinese, but also Dolfin’s position as a leading provider of investment advice to the country’s high-net-worth individuals.

An ethical minefield

Would you invest in tobacco? How about alcohol, or gambling? And how green are “green” investments anyway? We take a look at the ins, outs and moral maybes of ethical investing

Active vs passive: The non-debate

There has been wide-scale regime change in the equity markets. The debate surrounding active versus passive investment strategies needs to be reset, writes Adrian van den Bok, Senior Portfolio Manager.

Highlights from the Monaco Global Family Office Investment Summit

The Monaco Global Family Office Investment Summit brought together elite investors from around the world to share insights into strategies for successful investing in today’s volatile markets

Takeaways from the London Family Office and Wealth Management Conference

Dolfin co-sponsored DC Finance’s London Family Office and Wealth Management Conference on 6 June.

The defence sector: Interesting times

The defence sector is poised to benefit from rising tensions on the global stage, believes Josh Jarvis, Investment Advisor at Dolfin.

Effective FX

Traditional asset managers make use of the foreign exchange market to hedge their clients’ risk exposures. But the current macro-economic and political environment is producing interesting investment opportunities in the FX space, explains Vassilis Papaioannou, Dolfin’s chief investment officer

Why clean shouldn’t be a dirty word for investors

Rapid technological advances mean that cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels make financial as well as environmental sense. What does the swing to green energy mean- for investors – and what should they be wary of holding?

Keeping your assets safe

Custody is the mechanism whereby clients’ wealth is protected. But how does it work and how should it affect your choice of asset manager?

Demystifying the quant

Quantitative analysis is seen by many as something of a dark art, but it plays an increasingly central role in investment and risk management

Hedge funds: The dinosaurs of the investment world?

The once agile masters of the investment universe have become slow and cumbersome. Could they be facing extinction as new investment strategies take their place, asks Dolfin’s Chief Investment Officer Vassilis Papaioannou

The social butterfly effect

Adrian van den Bok, Portfolio Manager for Dolfin, considers the impact 140 characters can have on global financial markets

Is traditional asset allocation defunct?

Tried and tested models of portfolio diversification are being reimagined – but do the new models offer better protection against volatility?

The ins and outs of post-Brexit investment

The result of the UK’s referendum on membership of the European Union shocked the nation – and the markets. But whether you voted for Brexit or Bremain, the tumultuous aftermath offers some exciting opportunities for investors, writes Thom Gascoigne, Head of Structured Products at Dolfin

The role of emerging market bonds

Vassilis Papaioannou from Dolfin’s investment team explains why the emerging market bond asset class has a valuable role to play in a well-managed portfolio

Diversification: Clever, complex, and critical

An intelligent approach to diversifying portfolios can have a significant impact on returns for investors. Dolfin’s CEO Denis Nagy and Vassilis Papaioannou from its investment team explain why effective diversification is far more complex than simply spreading a portfolio thinly across asset classes or investment styles.

How investors differ around the world

We ask Dolfin analyst Geoffrey Boullanger about the varying approaches to finance and risk taken by people in different parts of the world

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