Minimalism – beyond a millennial fad

Millennials are not the only generation driving a surge in minimalism. It could even create a shift in the way our economy functions.

A sporting chance

Although it’s primarily an investment of passion, sport can deliver real returns for savvy investors.

Going to extremes

Extreme sports, expeditions and adventure activities are becoming increasingly popular among high-achieving professionals – and not necessarily for the reasons you’d expect.

Gifts that keep on giving

With only seven shopping days left until Christmas, we round up a selection of gifts that will not only be appreciated, but could potentially appreciate too

Fast money

Classic cars give their owners a huge amount of pride and pleasure. But can they prove a sound investment, too?

Who’s behind the wheel?

As little as two decades ago, it was unimaginable that the paradigm of car ownership would ever shift; now, it seems certain. Developments in technology look set to make the concept of car ownership radically different, if not obsolete. We look at the implications for consumers, investors and the car manufacturing industry.

Pieces of the past

Ancient art has a unique and compelling appeal for collectors. But do antiquities represent a sound investment – and how can you be sure your treasure is the real thing?

Safe as houses?

As the UK Government begins to phase in changes to stamp duty and tax relief for residential landlords, we ask whether property remains a sound investment

Lunch with Dolfin: Ibukun Adebayo on Africa, a continent of contrasts

When Ibukun Adebayo, co-head of emerging markets at the London Stock Exchange Group, met Dolfin CEO Denis Nagy for lunch, the food was rooted in Tuscany but the conversation wandered from investment opportunities in India, through improving the efficiency and transparency of capital markets in Africa, to using technology to solve the “settlement conundrum”.

10 things you need to know about investing in and moving to the UK

Many foreign investors are eager to set up home and businesses in the UK’s capital. Our doors and arms remain firmly open to international investment. Giles Cheney, Dolfin client relationship manager, offers 10 important things to consider.

A poisoned chalice?

Over the past 25 years, tempted by tax-free returns and prices that have risen faster than a cork from a champagne bottle, investors have increasingly been drawn to wine as an alternative asset class. But is your cellar a safe place to stash your cash?

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