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Postcard from India

Priyank Lakhia, Relationship Manager at Dolfin, reports on the seismic changes taking place in his home country, and how their effect is being felt globally.

Postcard from Greece

The Greek government’s economic forecasts suggest recovery and solid growth in 2018, but the reality of day-to-day life in Greece is rather different, writes Dolfin's Head of Sales, Georgios Ercan, who recently returned from a visit to his home country.

Postcard from France

Valentin Vincendon, Dolfin’s Head of Product Development, looks at the prospects for the technology sector in his home country and explores whether start-up fever can generate long-term heat

Postcard from China

China is making – and losing – wealth at an incredible speed. It’s part and parcel of the process of building (or in China’s case, rebuilding) a superpower and superpowered economy fit for purpose, says Giles Cheney, Head of China Desk at Dolfin

Postcard from Brazil

Despite its widely reported economic and political woes, Brazil’s tech sector is booming. Antonio Furtado, Relationship Manager at Dolfin, reports from his home country, and asks what the future holds for the world’s ninth-largest economy

Are we ready for the dawn of rising rates?

Forecasters believe that the UK could soon hike interest rates, following the lead of the US Federal Reserve. In theory, this looks like good news for investors – but those without an effective strategy could get badly burned

Postcard from Iran

There are so many reasons to consider investing in Iran, a highly populated country bursting with natural resources, up-and-coming technology firms and a large, consumption-minded middle class, writes Amir Nabi.

Hearing the music of the markets over the noise of politics

Recent events in global politics have caused widespread alarm. But how much long-term impact do even the most seismic political shifts have on investors?

Can gold keep its lustre?

Thom Gascoigne, head of structured products and portfolio manager at Dolfin, considers the prospects for gold and the metal’s place in a portfolio

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