The battle for banking’s future

How will the entrance of agile, tech-enabled challenger banks into the market shape the future of financial services?

Brexit, blockchain and banking

What would it take to make London the digital capital of the world? Dolfin CEO Denis Nagy joined the line-up of speakers at Binary District’s most recent London event to consider whether blockchain is the answer.

Talking technology

Some 60 delegates attended a Dolfin briefing on 2 May to discuss the opportunities open to investors in technology, and the ways in which tech entrepreneurs can grow their businesses through investment.

The tech arena

Watching other people play video games is now a thing: a big thing. Live events attract football-sized audiences, while pro gamers make millions. eSports has been described as “one of the investment opportunities of the coming decade”. Is it?

Genesis of ideas

Dolfin recently attended the Genesis London Conference on blockchain, where privacy, scaleability and regulation were three key themes.

Alternate realities

As augmented reality technology gains traction, the debate on whether investors should back it over virtual reality is hotting up again

Live long and prosper

Increased life expectancy has brought with it immense challenges for science and society – and abundant opportunities for investors

Reality check

It’s been an exciting year for virtual reality, and there’s talk of the market exploding in the medium term. But what’s next for this technology, and does it make a wise investment?

The coming of age of Blockchain

The impact of blockchain technology on financial services could be as transformative as that of the world wide web. Are we ready for the revolution?

Technology levels the cyber crime battlefield

Cyber crime remains a significant risk for financial institutions, but smaller firms have effective weapons in the fight against hackers.

Wake up and smell the java

Companies succeed when they put people first, but financial institutions have been slow to adapt to this truth. It’s time for them to catch up, says Dolfin’s CTO, Dmitry Tokarev

Are we ready for a cashless world?

The demise of cash has been predicted before – yet we are still using coins and banknotes. What will it take to make users sufficiently comfortable with digital payments to do away with cash?

MoneyConf 2017: Building trust on transparent platforms

More than 1,800 people – from CEOs of global financial institutions to the founders of the world’s most disruptive technology start-ups – met at MoneyConf 2017 in Madrid this month to “redefine the future of finance”. Dolfin’s CMO, Andrew Carrier, reports from the conference.

Thoughts on WIRED Money 2017

Last week, Dolfin attended WIRED Money, a one-day conference in London. The event, now in its fifth year, “brings together the innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs defining the future of the finance industry”. Our CMO, Andrew Carrier, came away convinced that the future of financial technology lies in surprising and delighting customers.

Knowing you better than you know yourself

Assessing a client’s true appetite for risk can itself be a perilous proposition, but advanced technology and clever thinking can get you closer to the truth.

Independence Day: For us or the robots?

It’s been 20 years since Will Smith saw off hordes of attacking aliens in the sci-fi blockbuster. Today, should we be worried about a different kind of invasion?

The real fintech frontier

There is less truly innovative thinking in the world of fintech than the hype in the press would have you believe - writes Dmitry Tokarev, Dolfin’s Chief Technology Officer - but a small number of genuine pioneers are working to reimagine finance

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