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March 2021 investment update

Our March investment update is now available to download.

The cyber security skills gap

The cyber security skills shortage has been making headlines for years, but the Covid-19 pandemic has made it more critical than ever.

Transformative technology

The technology platform supporting all facets of Dolfin’s business is now in place and ready for the next phase of growth. Richard Webb, who headed the project, and Amir Nabi, our COO, reflect on the experience and what now lies ahead.

15 January 2020 / Technology

Dolfin places huge importance in the power of technology to enhance the client experience. Over recent months, we have worked with specialist consultant Richard Webb to establish key technologies across all areas of our business, leaving us with a robust and sustainable platform for future growth.

Richard, who has more than 20 years’ experience leading IT, change management and digital transformation projects as a consultant across hedge funds, investment banks and retail banking, was originally brought on board to lead the tech team in choosing and bedding in a new back-office system. However, it soon became clear that there was far greater scope.

I was attracted to Dolfin’s agility, ambition and lack of legacy systems. – Richard Webb, Dolfin

“I was initially attracted to Dolfin by its agility, ambition and the opportunity to lay foundations without a legacy system to unpick,” Richard says. “The initial remit to select a new system came with a requirement to strategically assess Dolfin’s overall operating model, in terms of people, process and technology. This led to the development of a blueprint based on the broad-brush tech landscape within Dolfin – our unique offering that combines wealth servicing and trading operations. The combination of rapid growth in the business, coupled with its multi-faceted nature, made this a compelling challenge.”

From wealth boutique to diversified financial services firm

Over the course of Richard’s contract, the roadmap for Dolfin’s technology evolved to match Dolfin’s vision: to build a strategic financial services platform that will support our wealth business and work alongside our sales and compliance functions.

Amir Nabi, Dolfin’s COO, outlines some of Richard’s key achievements: “Richard led the selection of Olympic as a replacement for IMS. He then worked with our Technology team in London and Amsterdam on two important modules of our in-house technology stack: the first providing online reporting for our private clients, the second helping the third-party financial advisers we work with on-board their own clients easily. Ultimately, Richard led the definition of a roadmap for our technical future whilst establishing processes to get us there.”

Buy commodity, build competitive advantage. – Richard Webb, Dolfin

“There’s an adage often quoted by tech professionals: ‘buy commodity, build competitive advantage’,” Richard says. “At Dolfin, we use third-party products in a way that fits the unique way we do things, while building bespoke systems where we genuinely can do something different. We’re looking at taking the experience customers are used to in everyday life – on their phones and desktop computers – and creating a platform for the wealth management space that is equally engaging to use.”

Fit for the future

As Richard’s time with Dolfin comes to an end, Amir reflects on the transformation that has taken place across the business. “I’m delighted with the position he leaves us in. Richard has created a new structure and processes to enable our team – which includes: Konstantin Mashukov (Head of Engineering), Reza Mousavi (heading up core application architecture and system delivery), and Christian Damand (Olympic Implementation Project Manager) – to better apply its remarkable expertise across disciplines. Our Technology team comprises more than 20 people, a significant number and one that reflects the value we place on technology as a business enabler.”

I’m delighted with the position he leaves us in. We are now poised to deliver the blueprint. – Amir Nabi, Dolfin

“Richard’s key deliverables have been achieved. He was the right person to lead this process, and we are now poised to deliver the blueprint and our vision for the future,” adds Amir.

Richard, who is moving on to a new challenge leading Investment Management Systems for a significant player in the UK pensions market, says: “It has been hugely rewarding to see Dolfin’s effort and aspirations brought to fruition and to have played a role in laying the foundations for the company’s future success. The democratisation of wealth management adds a whole new dimension that will take the sector into the future. We’re not afraid to try things that are different – that’s the Dolfin opportunity.”

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