Investment accounts

Authorised and regulated by the UK’s FCA to provide investment accounts, we are bound by CASS rules to segregate and protect client assets.

Inflation outlook: Post-lockdown recession

In this week's episode of Dolfin Discussions James Gutman, our Head of Investment Portfolios, is joined by Caroline Miller, Chief Strategist at BCA Research, to discuss inflation.

Licensed to spill

Not all spies look like James Bond. Corporate espionage is a growing concern for many organisations, denting profits and undermining trust. We look at how firms can combat it.

Dolfin’s response to Covid-19

We will safeguard the wellbeing of our team, continue to act as responsible members of the global community, and deliver uninterrupted, high-quality service to our clients and partners.

Investing with impact

Dolfin presents a new series of webinars discussing the effect of the global pandemic on Impact investing and asking what does the future hold for the Impact sector. Please follow the link for webinar registration.


19 May 2020, 16:30 - 17:30 / Dolfin webinar

Dolfin presents a new series of webinar discussions featuring our Investment Management team and invited experts. We will outline our impact investing framework and hear from social enterprises, non-profit organisations and investment companies including Quona, Triodos, IMP and others.

As the global Coronavirus pandemic continues to unfold with dire and unknowable consequences, many investors are trying to make sense of the situation. How will the impact investing sector respond to new and unforeseeable challenges?

Webinar 1:

In the first webinar of the series we will discuss whether impact investing is relevant in the time of global emergency, and ask experts to share their insights on how private clients and markets are responding to the pandemic.


Please follow the link for webinar registration.

Investment accounts

Dolfin’s investment accounts safeguard securities and cash, while ensuring you or your clients can take full advantage of multi-asset, multi-currency, and multi-strategy investments.

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