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The cyber security skills gap

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Ghana: a road to prosperity

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22 January 2020, 18:00 - 21:00 / 50 Berkeley Street, W1J 8HA

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Ghana has a promising future. Over the past 25 years, its per capita income has tripled, while the discovery of oil and exports in gold and cocoa have made it one of the world’s fastest growing economies in 2019. How can the country continue to develop at its potential, and which industries present opportunities for international investors?  We’ll explore these and many other questions in a panel discussion with industry experts and policy advisers, and celebrate the launch of the Legatum Institute Ghana Economic Openness Report.

The event is organised by Dolfin in partnership with the Legatum Institute.


  • Simon Black, Head of Investment Management, Dolfin
  • Dr Stephen Brien, Director of Policy, the Legatum Institute
  • Robin Gwynn, Director, Whyteleafe Solutions Ltd.
  • Richard Odumodu, Visiting Fellow, Cass Business School

About the Legatum Institute 

The Legatum Institute is a London-based think-tank with a global vision: to see all people lifted out of poverty. The Institute’s mission is to create the pathways from poverty to prosperity, by fostering open economies, inclusive societies and empowered people.

Their African Prosperity programme aims to shift the debate about the continent’s challenges and opportunities, providing empirical analysis of prosperity across the continent to empower decision makers to shape an agenda for lasting change.

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