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Dolfin awarded ‘Best International Clients Team’ by Wealth Adviser

Dolfin’s commitment to international clients, particularly from emerging markets, has earned it the title of ‘Best International Clients Team’ in the well-regarded Wealth Adviser Awards 2019.

27 June 2019 / News

The prestigious Wealth Adviser Awards are based on a ‘peer review system’ whereby the publication’s readers – including institutional and high-net-worth investors, as well as managers and other industry professionals at fund administrators, prime brokers, custodians and advisers – are invited to elect ‘best in class’ in a series of categories via an online survey.

In each category, the firms with the most votes (this year, more than 2,500 were received) at the end of the voting period are subject to a final review by Wealth Adviser’s Senior Editorial team.

Dolfin was awarded ‘Best International Clients Team’ in recognition of its commitment to international clients, particularly those from emerging markets. Dolfin’s CEO, Denis Nagy, credits the win to three factors: “agility, diversity and technology.”


Our head of investment management, Simon Black, says Dolfin has “an institutional investment approach, with private client service levels”. He’s referring to Dolfin’s broad product range (for example, multiple portfolios in different jurisdictions or currencies, and for different risk profiles, can be all housed under one roof) combined with the bespoke way we treat ever client, often helping them with much more than just wealth management.

“An institutional investment approach, with private client service levels.”

Dolfin built its business – and many of its capabilities – by being extremely responsive to client needs. Today, with expertise spanning custody, investment management, trading on worldwide capital markets, complemented by more unusual skills like alternative investments, structured products and private investment opportunities, Dolfin is truly a one-stop-shop for its international clients.


We have an enormously international and diverse client team, a real rarity for a UK wealth manager. With about 20 languages spoken natively, we recently estimated that we could serve 80 per cent of UK investor visa applicants in their native language. As Jay Williams, our Head of China Desk, notes, understanding a client’s culture and relating to their experience is arguably even more important than speaking their language. “We aspire to being not just our clients’ investment adviser, but their life adviser,” he says.


For Nick McCall, our Head of Wealth Management, “what makes us stand out from the crowd is the modern sophisticated technology platform which underpins the wealth offering.” As a relatively young organisation, Dolfin has put technology at the heart of its operations. It makes us nimbler and puts investors firmly in control.

“Sophisticated technology underpins our wealth management offering.”

Dolfin’s proprietary technology provides ready access to our services via an online portal, giving clients complete clarity over their investments. It also empowers our investment team to produce a stream of investment ideas, backed by thorough quantitative analysis.

Nagy reflects that “the Wealth Adviser Awards – based as they are on an independent peer review system – are particularly close to our hearts. We’re very proud that our team’s commitment has won recognition from others in our sector and the experienced editorial team at Wealth Adviser.”

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