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February 2019 investment update

Despite a deterioration in economic data, particularly in Europe and China, risk markets started 2019 on the front foot. This seemed to be largely due to a renewed spirit of dovishness amongst some of the world’s most important central bankers, writes Dolfin’s Head of Investment Management, Richard Gray.

Pensions in the millennial age

Millennials’ attitudes and behaviour – and those of their employers – are creating an alien pensions landscape, writes Nick McCall, Dolfin’s Head of Wealth Management.

Dolfin acquires business of UK subsidiary of Falcon Private Bank

Dolfin and the Swiss-based Falcon Private Bank announced today Dolfin’s acquisition of the business of Falcon’s UK subsidiary, Falcon Private Wealth Ltd.

Dolfin awarded custody and depositary licence in Malta

Ramon Bondin, recently appointed CEO of Malta-based Dolfin Asset Services, announces our new custody and depositary licence on the island and how it will benefit our clients.

30 April 2018 / News

We are pleased to announce that Dolfin has been awarded a custody and depositary licence from the Malta Financial Services Authority, which helps to extend our global offering. With these latest permissions, we can now offer private and institutional clients a comprehensive range of investment services from our new office in Valetta.

The main beneficiaries are expected to be Malta-based collective investment schemes and trusts or other wealth structures that need a local custodian or depositary. With our expanded offering, we’re now a potential partner to global administration companies and will also be able to offer our UK private clients the option of custodying their assets with us in Malta.

“The extension of our services in Europe, while maintaining proximity to the UK, is a significant step for Dolfin.”

Denis Nagy · CEO

Malta has a growing financial ecosystem, particularly in the fund space. However, many asset managers wanting to set up here have been underserved in custody and depositary services. The award of our licence will change that.
Now we will be able to offer our client base in Malta the level of service and exposure that they would expect when setting up business in London. At the same time, this will allow clients to benefit from the island’s robust regulatory environment, lower cost base, access to a growing financial ecosystem and a highly educated, English-speaking workforce

Denis Nagy, CEO of Dolfin, added, “Malta is an increasingly important hub for financial services, particularly asset management and private wealth. Our Maltese operations can now leverage our infrastructure, trading counterparties worldwide and our network of the best global sub-custodians. The extension of our services in Europe, while maintaining proximity to the UK, makes strategic sense for our clients; this is a significant step for Dolfin.”

Malta’s financial services sector is experiencing a strong period of growth. It currently contributes just over 12 per cent of Malta’s GDP.

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