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February 2019 investment update

Despite a deterioration in economic data, particularly in Europe and China, risk markets started 2019 on the front foot. This seemed to be largely due to a renewed spirit of dovishness amongst some of the world’s most important central bankers, writes Dolfin’s Head of Investment Management, Richard Gray.

Pensions in the millennial age

Millennials’ attitudes and behaviour – and those of their employers – are creating an alien pensions landscape, writes Nick McCall, Dolfin’s Head of Wealth Management.

Dolfin acquires business of UK subsidiary of Falcon Private Bank

Dolfin and the Swiss-based Falcon Private Bank announced today Dolfin’s acquisition of the business of Falcon’s UK subsidiary, Falcon Private Wealth Ltd.

Dolfin can serve 80% of UK investor visa applicants in native language

We can now service 80 per cent of applicants for tier one UK investor visas in their native language. That’s according to the Q3 2018 figures just released by the Home Office on the number of applicants, by country of origin, that have successfully applied for tier one UK investor visas.

4 December 2018 / News

China continues to dominate the leaderboard with 33 applicants. It is followed by Hong Kong, the United States and India in second, third and fourth place respectively. Of the overall 24 countries listed, there are 16 – including China, Russia, Turkey, Taiwan, Brazil, and Iran – for which Dolfin has staff that speak that country’s language natively. Our firm also has a broad network of Chinese and Russian-speaking third-party partners including tax advisors, lawyers and immigration agencies. This is just one way in which we act as a “one-stop-shop”, for foreign investors looking to settle in the UK.

Of course, for many countries the language barrier is not the only hurdle to overcome. Contrasting regulatory regimes is another recurring challenge. China for example, which accounted for 34% of successful tier one investor visas in Q3 2018, has a different financial markets’ regulatory landscape causing confusion around the necessary requirements when applying for a UK investment visa. That’s just one of the reasons that Dolfin established a dedicated China Desk, a team of Chinese-speaking members with different roles including relationship managers, sales support, marketing and even a compliance specialist. This dedicated team means we have reduced account opening times to as low as 48 hours in some cases.

Jay Williams, head of China Desk, said: ”The latest Home Office data suggest that even as we draw ever closer to Brexit we are not seeing demand slow. One of the primary drivers for tier one investor visas, aside from the UK legal system, is increasingly the UK education system. In comparison to alternative investor visa offerings across Europe, the UK is head and shoulders above its competitors. To meet this demand, we offer a unique and personalised service, guiding clients through the process in their own native language, a capability very few wealth managers can offer.”

“Following new rules introduced over the summer, we have seen a number of providers pull back from UK investor visa offerings and our counterparties are telling us that less than 50 per cent of investment managers are able to both invest correctly and provide the appropriate confirmation statements,’ comments Simon Black, Senior Portfolio Manager. ” At Dolfin, we do not restrict clients to one type of investor visa offering. We have three standard discretionary models and an ability to adjust the allocation to fit a client’s risk profile. We also have the capability to offer a custody and execution-only for clients who want to have some element of control over their holdings.”

UK investor visas

Setting up home and building a business in the UK has long been attractive to foreign investors. We can guide you or your clients through the process step by step.

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