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March 2021 investment update

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The cyber security skills gap

The cyber security skills shortage has been making headlines for years, but the Covid-19 pandemic has made it more critical than ever.

Dolfin celebrates Chinese New Year with Hedera Capital Management

Earlier this month, the Dolfin team joined Hedera Capital Management and 700 of its clients in Qingdao – to celebrate the Chinese New Year and look to the 12 months ahead.

4 February 2019 / News

At the beginning of January, members of the Dolfin team joined our partners Hedera Capital Management in Qingdao to take part in their annual client conference. Set over two days and in the presence of 700 Hedera clients, this event is not just a celebration of the Chinese New Year but an opportunity to look ahead, to share outlooks on the investment landscape and discuss the future of the UK-China relations.

Mr Lin Teng, the CEO of Hedera Capital Management, opened the meeting by extending his greetings and heartfelt thanks to all the guests who have trusted their capital to the company. He spoke about current economic conditions, future trends, and Hedera’s strategic goals. Particularly, he stressed the importance of foreign exchange markets and investment opportunities outside China. To foster the latter, last year Hedera became an FCA-approved Appointed Representative, choosing Dolfin as its primary partner and principal in the UK.

“The UK and China see each other as a source of opportunity.”

Georgios Ercan, Dolfin

Mr. Teng was followed by Georgios Ercan, our Head of Sales, who spoke about the impact of Brexit – both on the UK and international markets. Jay Williams, our Head of China Desk, then spoke about the opportunities that the UK offers to international residents and investors – from investor visas, through business, to education.

Since the June 2016 vote in favour of Brexit, the UK parliament has been unable to agree how the ‘will of the people’ should be brought in to effect. With the departure due date only two months away, the path towards the UK/EU deal – if it is ever to be reached – is still not clear. Notwithstanding the impact of Brexit in the short-term, the UK remains a major G7 economy that supports entrepreneurs and enjoys a strong rule of law and a competitive tax environment. The World Bank ranks the UK as the best place in Europe in which to operate a business (and 6th in the world) – attracting entrepreneurs and investors from all over the globe.

“We look forward to further enhancing out ties with Hedera Capital Management.”

Jay Williams, Dolfin

Georgios commented: “Post the Brexit vote of 23rd June 2016, we have seen a great interest from Chinese clients in financial services and real estate investments in the United Kingdom. The UK and China certainly see each other as a source of opportunity and Brexit brings prospects of new ties and agreements to the table.” Importantly, sterling’s recent weakness, on one hand, and the continuous links to the US and to the Commonwealth countries, on the other, all mean the UK is positioned as ever to be the partner of choice for Chinese investors wishing to invest abroad. Jay Williams added: “China is a hugely exciting market for Dolfin and we look forward to further enhancing our ties with Hedera Capital Management by offering our shareable infrastructure and helping to better service end clients.”

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