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Authorised and regulated by the UK’s FCA to provide investment accounts, we are bound by CASS rules to segregate and protect client assets.

Making sense of macro data when the data doesn’t make sense

In this week's episode of Dolfin Discussions James Gutman, our Head of Investment Portfolios, is joined by Charles Dumas, Chief Economist at TS Lombard. Together they try and make sense...

Riding the wave together

As the world begins its first tentative steps out of lockdown, Dolfin’s Head of Business Development Georgios Ercan and Head of Investment Management Simon Black reflect on the preoccupations our clients have expressed during the Covid-19 crisis

Dolfin’s response to Covid-19

We will safeguard the wellbeing of our team, continue to act as responsible members of the global community, and deliver uninterrupted, high-quality service to our clients and partners.

Dolfin CIO on CNBC’s Squawk Box Europe

Investors feeling more comfortable with higher rates, Vassilis Papaioannou tells CNBC.

26 June 2018 / News

Our Chief Investment Officer, Vassilis Papaioannou, appeared on CNBC’s CNBC Squawk Box Europe today, discussing global markets.

In conversation with the show’s anchors, Stephen Sedgwick, Geoff Cutmore and Karen Tso, Vassilis pointed out that carry collection in credit remains the key theme. He also underlined the fact that it is currently more difficult to identify opportunities in the emerging markets – especially in their local currencies. However a combination of a good carry collection and a modest equity upside in a portfolio is a good mix.

Click here to watch some highlights of Vassilis’ appearance.

Investment accounts

Dolfin’s investment accounts safeguard securities and cash, while ensuring you or your clients can take full advantage of multi-asset, multi-currency, and multi-strategy investments.

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