Investment accounts

Authorised and regulated by the UK’s FCA to provide investment accounts, we are bound by CASS rules to segregate and protect client assets.

January 2020 investment update

Global equities made further gains in December, appreciating 2.9 per cent (as measured by MSCI World Index), taking their annual performance to 25.2 per cent, the best result for global...

Transformative technology

The technology platform supporting all facets of Dolfin’s business is now in place and ready for the next phase of growth. Richard Webb, who headed the project, and Amir Nabi, our COO, reflect on the experience and what now lies ahead.

Dolfin model portfolios outperform their benchmarks

We have announced our model portfolio performance for the year ending 31 December 2019, with strong performance across the board.

Dolfin expands product offering to include gold in portfolios

Dolfin announced today that the range of asset classes it can include in client portfolios has been expanded to paper gold. Other precious metals are expected to follow.

23 December 2019 / News

The investment management team at Dolfin offers clients bespoke portfolio design, identifying the specific needs and goals of investors to build tailored solutions. Although the precious metal has long been available to Dolfin clients as an investable asset, either via futures or ETFs, this is the first time paper gold has been incorporated into portfolios. Paper gold is a derivative of the physical metal and can be converted to physical gold. Gold acts as a safety play in turbulent or uncertain markets.

The investment universe available to Dolfin clients spans government bonds, corporate credit, equities, commodities and currencies via direct exposure to markets or the use of exchange traded funds, mutual funds, hedge funds, futures and options. These cover more than 120 markets worldwide, including developed, emerging and frontier markets.

“Gold is an important holding in uncertain times.” – Simon Black, Dolfin

Simon Black, Head of Investment Management at Dolfin, said: “In an economic climate that we believe will remain challenging next year, the addition of paper gold into client portfolios provides clients with a similar level of comfort to that which they get from real estate. The reason is simple: it’s tangible. This comfort, combined with the diversification, safety and relative low correlation to other asset classes makes gold an important holding in uncertain times.”

Amir Nabi, Chief Operating Officer at Dolfin, said: “Specific challenges exist in providing reporting valuations on gold. Thanks to our strong sub-custody network and ability to quickly adapt our in-house systems, Dolfin clients are now able to view gold in their portfolio valuations alongside all their other assets, reported on a currency-like basis.”

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Dolfin supports Shine

At the invitation of a client, senior members of the Dolfin team took part in the inaugural Time to Shine gala.

/ 25 October 2019

Investment accounts

Dolfin’s investment accounts safeguard securities and cash, while ensuring you or your clients can take full advantage of multi-asset, multi-currency, and multi-strategy investments.

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