Investment accounts

Authorised and regulated by the UK’s FCA to provide investment accounts, we are bound by CASS rules to segregate and protect client assets.

The big test: How do we unlock the world?

James Gutman and Katy Peters, the Founder and CEO of 360 Health Ltd, discuss the various medical challenges in getting the world back to 'normal', post Covid-19.

Privacy in a pandemic

With the UK set to launch its Covid-19 track and trace app in June, we look at how technology has been deployed around the world to monitor the spread of the virus, and the implications for privacy and data security.

Dolfin’s response to Covid-19

We will safeguard the wellbeing of our team, continue to act as responsible members of the global community, and deliver uninterrupted, high-quality service to our clients and partners.

Dollar needs concrete news on tax policy: Dolfin CIO interviewed on Bloomberg Radio’s Daybreak Europe

Our Chief Investment Officer, Vassilis Papaioannou, was interviewed yesterday on Bloomberg Radio about his views on the impact of the Federal Reserve’s current race on the Treasury markets.

6 October 2017 / News

In conversation with the show’s anchors, Caroline Hepker and Markus Karlsson, Vassilis said that a third rate hike could provide some support to the dollar, but more work is needed.

 Vassilis highlighted the fact that going forward, without any concrete news on tax policy or infrastructure spending, there is little scope for further downside on Treasuries.

 As the conversation turned to the political landscape in Europe, Vassilis underlined that the current situation in Catalonia is a political risk that may very well have an effect on financial markets but it is not likely to have a spill-over effect on the European project overall.

 To listen to highlights from the live show, please click here.

Investment accounts

Dolfin’s investment accounts safeguard securities and cash, while ensuring you or your clients can take full advantage of multi-asset, multi-currency, and multi-strategy investments.

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