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Authorised and regulated by the UK’s FCA to provide investment accounts, we are bound by CASS rules to segregate and protect client assets.

March 2021 investment update

Our March investment update is now available to download.

The cyber security skills gap

The cyber security skills shortage has been making headlines for years, but the Covid-19 pandemic has made it more critical than ever.

Head of Investment Management

Simon Black


Simon joined Dolfin in September 2018 and became the Head of Investment Management in April 2019. His team are focused on delivering discretionary and advisory asset management and bespoke portfolio design to meet specific needs of our HNW and UHNW clients. Simon is also responsible for overseeing our investment process and risk management framework and control structure.

Before joining Dolfin, Simon built-up 11 years of experience at independent global wealth manager, Hassium Asset Management, where he provided a personal investment platform for a select group of private families across the UK and Europe. His most recent role there was as Chief Investment Officer.

Simon is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He holds an MSc in Financial Analysis and Fund Management and a BA Hons in Economics with French and Finance.

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June 2020 investment update

Sometimes investors are so focused in the rear view mirror, they fail to see the bumps in the road ahead. The disconnect between the macro-economic environment and markets has to reconnect at some point and when it does, it is unlikely to be in an orderly fashion.

Simon Black
/ 12 June 2020

Coronavirus and oil: Market update

In this webinar, Dolfin’s Investment Management team provide an update on the rapid developments we are seeing on global financial markets. We focus on the coronavirus outbreak and the oil price movements, and explain our current portfolio positioning in light of these events.

Simon Black
/ 12 March 2020

Cybercrime: Threat and opportunity

With cyber criminals constantly on the lookout for new ways to attack companies’ resources and compromise their data, there are numerous start-ups entering the cyber security space. At the same time, an estimated skills shortage of some 3 million people has left organisations struggling to recruit and retain skilled professionals. We look at what is being done in companies to ensure that the industry keeps pace with cyber criminals, and investment opportunities in the space.

Simon Black
/ 15 October 2019

Tech and the art of winemaking

Humans have been making wine for more than 6,000 years – but today, technology is revolutionising the way wine is produced, presenting new opportunities for collectors and investors. Simon Black, Senior Wealth Manager at Dolfin and a wine enthusiast, explains.

Simon Black
/ 29 January 2019

Dolfin’s ‘refreshing premise’ to wealth management

Spear’s magazine spoke to Dolfin Head of Business Development Georgios Ercan, and Head of Investment Management Simon Black, about how the versatility and flexibility of Dolfin, make it an ideal choice of wealth manager for anyone from individual HNWs and families to institutions.

Simon Black
/ 29th May 2020

Stocks fall as U.S./China tensions threaten rebound

Simon Black, Dolfin’s Head of Investment Management, responds to news that European stock markets and oil prices have dropped, as a spat between top U.S. officials and China over the origin of the coronavirus fuels fears of a new trade war, derailing a rebound in global markets.

Simon Black
/ 4th May 2020

ESG: values, investments and Covid19

Simon Black, Dolfin’s Head of Investment Management, discusses how, when it comes to ESG investing, powerful investors want more: more innovation, more impactful products and more measurement.

Simon Black
/ 1st April 2020

‘Don’t panic’ – wealth managers react to Covid-19

Our Head of Investment Management, Simon Black, and Head of Sales, Georgios Ercan, spoke to Spear’s about how they are helping clients navigate the coronavirus pandemic.

Simon Black
/ 20th March 2020

A volatile beginning to the year

Dolfin Head of Investment Management, Simon Black, writes in FT Adviser about the volatile start to the year, focusing on coronavirus and the back and forth trade wars.

Simon Black
/ 20th March 2020

How to win against coronavirus: wealth managers take their positions

Our Head of Investment Management, Simon Black, spoke to Ollie Williams of Forbes magazine about how wealth managers are reacting in the current market climate.

Simon Black
/ 12th March 2020

What the UK election result could mean for companies and markets

Our Head of Investment Management, Simon Black, spoke to Proactive about the upcoming UK General Election and what impact the result could have on markets.

Simon Black
/ 5th December 2019

Interview with Simon Black

Simon Black, our Head of Investment Management, spoke to Citywealth Magazine about why clients choose Dolfin.

Simon Black
/ 18th July 2019

Dolfin looks to Latin America for new clients and investment diversification

Our Head of Investment Management, Simon Black and our Head of Wealth Management, Nick McCall outline Dolfin’s ambitions in Latin America.

Simon Black
/ 14th April 2019

Brexit delay: Industry reacts to ‘unfolding shambles’

Our Head of Investment Management, Simon Black, spoke to thewealthnet about the impact of Brexit.

Simon Black
/ 12th April 2019