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Authorised and regulated by the UK’s FCA to provide investment accounts, we are bound by CASS rules to segregate and protect client assets.

September 2019 investment update

The summer of 2019 was always going to be a tricky time to navigate. When trading volumes lighten, macro news can cause elevated volatility across asset classes. Our September monthly investment update is now available to download and view online.

A postcard from Oman

A major maritime trading post for centuries, Oman’s strategic Arabian Peninsula location fostered a nation of traders, tacticians and empire-builders. Fast forward to 2019, and there’s a new wave of opportunity on the horizon for investors, says Adrian Christofides, Director, Ultra-High-Net-Worth and Family Offices in Asia, Dolfin.

Dolfin shortlisted twice in the International Investment Awards 2019

Simon Black, our Head of Investment Management, has been shortlisted in the ‘Emerging Talent of the Year’ category and Dolfin as a firm for ‘Excellence in Client Service’, in the annual International Investment Awards. Voting is now open.

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Investment management

We apply a multi-asset, multi-market, and multi-strategy approach to investment management, combing fundamental and quantitative analysis with an unconstrained mindset to deliver long term, absolute returns.

Long term, absolute returns.

Our investment approach is built upon four pillars: fundamental, quantitative, global macro, and technical. We combine the fundamental knowledge of our in-house portfolio managers with the smart beta forces from the quantitative world. The output is then refined through the global macro lens and optimised via technical analysis tools. The result? Long term, sustainable returns


Our team's go-anywhere approach, unconstrained of traditional investment frameworks and benchmarks, means we're free to chase opportunity wherever it may lie, while aiming to achieve the client's risk/return profile.

Digitally empowered investment process.

Our proprietary developed screening and analytical toolkit uses a large number of complex factor and filter methodologies. Assisting our economists, portfolio managers and advisors to further enhance their macroeconomic predictions, to narrow down equities and fixed income universes, for next step in-depth analysis and to overall help optimise clients portfolios' risk / return profiles.

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We diversify across a broad range of asset classes, including cash, government bonds, corporate credit, equities, commodities, currencies, property, hedge funds.

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Our outlook is broad. We have global reach and can invest in more than 120 markets worldwide, spanning developed, emerging and frontier.

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We run a variety of investment strategies to suit specific investors’ needs, including hedge fund replication, high yield momentum, and an unconstrained credit strategy.

How it works

We offer both advisory or discretionary investment management.

If you need multi-asset class investment advice on a trade-by-trade basis.
If you value analysis, ideas and recommended investment products from an experience team of analysts.
Seamless process of transferring funds
If you prefer to leave investment decisions to us, based on their goals and risk-tolerance.
If you are comfortable investing directly in our model portfolios.
If you wish to benefit from an unconstrained, benchmark agnostic approach.
Four pillars of rigorous analysis.

We believe in going beyond mere ‘top down/bottom up’ methodology. Our approach is more thorough and built on four pillars of analysis: fundamental, quantitative, macro, and technical.


Fundamental analysis allows us to evaluate the intrinsic value of a security by discounting its future cash flows and compare basic ratios against a peer group.


We use our software, the Investment Toolkit, to process multi-dimensional data sets and extract important information about cross-asset correlations and lead lag effects among variables.


Macroeconomic analysis helps us forecast economic conditions that affect consumer and investment behaviour. We focus not only on national output, unemployment and inflation, but also on cross sector and inter-market relationships within the macro context.


Technical analysis helps us analyse price patterns and trading activity statistics of the different instruments/markets to assess the market timing component of the investment decisions.

The pillars in practice.
Fixed income

Our bond selection is carried out on the basis of two lines of analysis. First, at issuer level, we examine smart beta characteristics such as value, momentum, quality. Then, at the issue level, we look at the curve positioning.


Our equity selection utilises a proprietary methodology that focuses on smart beta characteristics combined with valuation matrics. We adopt a multi factor approach with a re-balancing option schedule that enables us to locate profitable opportunities.

Why Dolfin
Investment expertise with digital agility.

We combine deep qualitative analysis by our team of portfolio analysts and harness the power of quantitative analysis from our proprietary software. Investment experts working with smart fintech deliver the best of both worlds.

Integrated and efficient.

Our solutions are highly diversified but rightly integrated. That's why we can offer clients custody accounts and access to our execution desk, as well as our asset management expertise. Our direct active approach to investment ensures effective control over the positions enabling the delivery of cost-efficient, liquid and transparent solutions to our clients.

Performance backed by research, tracked with transparency.

From weekly high-conviction investment ideas, through monthly updates, to quarterly investment outlooks, our regular research and analysis keeps our clients informed. But being properly in-the-know, requires more. That's why we also share a scorecard that tracks and reports on how each of investment ideas we have offered has performed. It's simple, transparent, and empowering for investors.

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Dolfin is led by a team of investment and wealth managment professionals whose careers in finance stretch back more than 15 years.

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